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Share videos safe and securely. MyZinky is your personal video server. Not only can you share videos with friends and family, you can search, tag, and combine videos from mutiple sources and share them as one playlist.

Have you ever wanted to show someone one of your home videos can couldn't find what tape or file it was in? Or, do you shoot video with your phone, Flip, HD Camcorder or any other device that creates files instead of tapes and you don't know what to do with all of those files. MyZinky is the answer.

MyZinky gives you unlimited access to all of your videos from wherever you are and gives you the ability to search that personal video library for those rare gems that you otherwise can never find. Our superior automatic scene detection and facial recognition allows every sceen and every person to be annotated with unlimited tags. Well now you can find who ever you want, whenever you want with only a couple of keystrokes.

Video Playlists become very powerful. You can create a playlist as simply as giving the playlist a name and then checking the box next to the person or persons, scene or scenes, tape or tapes you want in the playlist. Simply clicking "Send" allows you to share that video via text or email to anyone you want.

If a friend comes to visit, simply type their name and select "All" to see every scene they have appeared in as part of every video in your collection. Each scene flows seemlessly into the next as if progressionally edited into a single movie. In fact, with a single click, every playlist can be exported to what appears to be a professionally edited, single MP4 file.

Video tapes degrade over time and hard drives crash, sometimes loosing all the videos you have recorded. With MyZinky you can safely store your videos forever. It's the best of both worlds - the electronic copy will never degrade like video tapes do, and you have a copy stored with us in case something happens to your originals.

If you have a lot of videos or if your videos are not in MP4 format, then Download the free MyZinky uploader. It will automatically encode and uploads all your videos for you. Note the MyZinky uploader requires that you have Java installed on your computer. Click here to see if you already have Java installed and to download it if you do not.

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